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During more than 17 years of software development, we have seen quite some development tools and programming languages. In the past few years, 4D has enabled us to accomplish big business tasks, but our latest products are completely made with REALbasic since version 4.5 of this tool.

Every now and then some handy classes and informative documents will become available, and we try to share these with the REALbasic community which gives us so many answers.

Please let us know if you liked and used something...

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Picture Patrol, our streamlined Usenet picture downloader, was written entirely in REALbasic...



A demo of a socket class (included) that enables you to check for new versions of your software by reading your own PAD files from your website. Compiled apps are also here for MacOS 9, MacOS X and Windows XP. 12_01_2004
RB 5.x


Standard canvasses can cause their display area to flicker when updated with a new picture. This class prevents this behaviour (less useful on MacOS X which provides better display through the use of double buffering). 24_05_2003
RB 4.x


An example that will register a new document icon for files with a .txt extension using the Windows registry. And so you don't have to go hunting for a text file, it will dump out a file for you. 16_07_2003
(Aaron Ballman)
RB 5.x


An ImageWell can contain an image (of course). But lots of JPG's don't show up, although QuickTime is present. This project shows how to get more pictures to show themselves (and compares them with canvasses). 19_11_2003
RB 5.x