Saturn 2 - Bell Games
Bell Games (formerly known as Bell-Coin-Matics, and later as Nuova Bell Games) from Italy specialized in building kits for transforming old pinball games into 'new' ones. "Saturn 2" copied the gameplay of the "Spy Hunter", a 1984 Bally pinball.

Usually Bell Games built 350 to 400 copies of a game, but "Saturn 2" proved to be a best-seller with more than 1.200 kits sold. Before this game, Bell used recycled parts from Bally solid state games, but to meet the demand from operators for "Saturn 2" they were forced to build their own printed circuits.

Because of the popularity of the game, Bell even suffered a cabinet shortage, and they made 12 brand new ones for "Saturn 2". Of course, these 12 are real collector's items.

Saturn 2 combact area [Richard Altenburg] Saturn 2 backglass [Richard Altenburg] Saturn 2 ball exit [Richard Altenburg] Saturn 2 upper playfield targets [Richard Altenburg] Saturn 2 drop targets top view [Richard Altenburg]
Saturn 2 in Lost World cabinet [Kjell Stubben]

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Date added Name Place of residence Serial number Comments
August 30st 2003 Richard Altenburg Emmeloord, the Netherlands ? Playfield OK. Needed some minor repairs but plays fine.
August 31st 2003 Tim Pennings Schinveld, the Netherlands ? -
November 24th 2003 Rayen Frederic Sint-Niklaas, Belgium 10940 -
December 1st 2003 Bultynck Serge Ingelmunster, Belgium 000589 All is OK, except for a display that doesn't work.
March 20 2005 Jim Stevenson Wiltshire, England 13594 Machine is in good condition, but requires 2 eproms which we will get shortly. Built on a Strikes and Spares.

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