Enjoy the looks
of the latest download tool
for free Usenet pictures

Wouldn't you love to use this on your screen?

Picture Patrol is all about the beauty of digital images. It makes sense that we put a lot of time into the creation of a slick user interface for you to enjoy. Have a look at these screen shots. They show some possible uses of the program, and might remove some doubts you still have...

The main window, showing the toolbar, collections, status, thumbnails and preview

The main window, which is always open, showing the toolbar with the icons that control the program, the collections with the newsgroups they contain, the status with a graph of the connection speed, the thumbnails of recently downloaded pictures and the big preview of the latest picture from the Usenet.
The News Servers tab of the preferences window, with a color chooser

The News Servers tab of the preferences window enables you to enter more than one news server account. You can set the port number to anything you need. The color for each server makes it easy to recognize which server the program is talking to. From this tab, you also download the complete list of newsgroups from a news server.
Create collections with their own download location and circulation options

Collections enable you to subdivide the vast number of newsgroups. A collection has its own download location, with optional directories for each posting or download day, and for each newsgroup. Automatic group circulation can be set from this page, making Picture Patrol go from one newsgroup to the next without your intervention.
Search for your favorite newsgroups and put them in your collections

You can search for words in the newsgroups names to quickly find the ones you like most. Newsgroups from multiple servers can be mixed in the collections, so it is up to you what your list of favorite newsgroups will look like.
Use PPP as you wish, enter your license, and create unique filenames

General settings include choosing to use PPP for modem connections, entering your license details to make the program save all pictures to your hard disk drive, and setting an option that avoids overwriting pictures by creating unique filenames.
A flexible user interface to make the screen show what you want to see

The main window is flexible. You decide what you want to see. The toolbar can be rotated, and there are buttons to turn the preview, collections, status and thumbnails off and back on again.
Watch a demo movie of Picture Patrol downloading free aviation pictures from Usenet.

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