You save money
because we create
free updates for life

We want to keep it simple

Many companies create a complicated upgrade policy. They try to make you pay for every new version of their software products. They actually make it very difficult for you to enjoy any new features they may come up with.

All these troubles just don't suit our common sense way of working.

Free updates for life

Once you purchase a Brainchild product, you are automatically entitled to every update we create for it, even if it's a major upgrade. This "buy once, enjoy forever" policy might sound unbelievable, especially since our prices are so low, but that is just the way we do it.

How to find out about updates

You can check for a new version of the product from within the program, or visit our web site frequently to read what is happening.

If you buy something from us, we record your email address. Once a new version is released that needs a new serial number, we will send you that number for free using the email address used on your purchase.

If you change to another email address, please let us know, so we can find you when we need to send your next serial number.

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