What we do,
and don't do,
with your personal details

Email addresses

We collect your email address when you buy one of our products. This address is used to send you a serial number and to notify you about updates and special offers. We will never give your email address to anyone outside our company.

You can change your registered email address by sending us a note on service@brainchild.nl.

Other personal information

During the purchase of our software, you enter some personal details like name, address, and telephone number. We will not abuse this by sending you unwanted mail, we will not unexpectedly call, and none of these details will ever be shared with another company.


The best way to customize our web site to your needs is the use of cookies. These are small pieces of data that are stored on your hard disk drive during browsing on our site. They are harmless, but still some people don't want them to be stored. You can turn off cookies in your web browser. Our site will still work, but maybe a little less targeted at your interest.

Version checking

If you want, our products can check for updates through your Internet connection. During this process, not a single piece of information is sent to our web server. The program will just ask the server for a document that contains all the version information. These details will be shown to you in one of the program's windows.

Web site log

Like any other web site in the world, ours keeps a log of all visitors coming to our pages. The log contains your IP address, and some details about your browser and about the page you asked for. This enables us to measure the success of our efforts, and to change our site as we gather statistics about its usage.

If you go to our web pages from within our software, the version number of the program will be sent along with the request, and will end up being listed in our web log.

We are not interested in any specific entries in our log. It's the total of many visits that gives us the wisdom to choose the way we present our information.

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