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Software creation since 1988

Brainchild, based in the Netherlands (Western Europe), is a small, enthusiastic company, dedicated to software development since January 1988. We have done projects for businesses and individuals on MSX, MSX-2, Atari ST, Wang VS, Apple Macintosh and Windows computers.

Every product a sparkle of common sense

Our mission is to offer you our 'brainchildren' with a heart of common sense. Our software does what it is supposed to do, without distracting redundant features.

Production according to plan

The biggest part of our development time is put into products like Picture Patrol, and we are very strict when it comes to their release schedules. When we say the next update will come within 12 weeks, it will.

Developing your ideas

Between product releases, we can be hired for custom REALbasic development. Send us any information about your custom needs for further consideration.

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Geulstraat 5
8303 JA Emmeloord
the Netherlands

Phone: +31 (527) 24 35 41
Fax: +31 (527) 24 34 62

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